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Trikiratas Stolen Stereo must roosa 20.75"

379,90 € (KM-ga)
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Trikiratas Stolen Stereo must roosa 20.75"

The Stolen Stereo is a BMX that does the trick without blowing the bank, meant for going freestyle in the park and the streets. The Hi-ten steel frame on this bike is a solid and affordable solution for a comfortable ride, which makes it very suitable for everyday commuting. With the crisp-sounding cassette hub on the Stolen Freestyle BMX, you get a low maintenance hub system with instant pedal engagement. The long chainstay is suited for park giving you more stability when doing airs.

  • The 3-piece crank is very durable but also easy to maintain if one of the parts breaks
  • Long 170mm crank arms provide added stability and control in the air
  • The 20.75" frame fits you best if your height is between 175cm and 183cm

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