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Triki tõukeratas Metro Shift Pro Scooter smaragd roheline

199,90 € (KM-ga)
Kuumakse al. 10.85€

Triki tõukeratas Metro Shift Pro Scooter smaragd roheline

Kõrgus: 84cm

Kaal: 3.2kg

Raam: alumiinium


Go bigger on your tricks and look sharp with a fresh new Metro Shift complete pro scooter by Longway

For those of you stepping up from a beginner scooter, you will find a nice safe platform with the Longway Metro Shift scooter. Here you will swiftly start nailing tricks that were difficult before. This is because this is a lightweight scooter with a smooth spinning compression system.

Tech Features:

  • Ride it with ease, thanks to an all-aluminum construction
  • The size is straight down the middle, so the Metro Shift can be used by most kids and teens
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