Triki tõukeratas Chilli Reaper Reloaded Pistol Scooter - Neochrome

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Chilli Scooters started their career a few years ago and today they vote for all the skate parks in Germany.They offer a wide range of different freestyle scooters. If Reaper is for beginners, Reloaded is for those riders who choose to go directly to a higher level. The plate is wider, the wheels are larger, the guides are higher. Reloaded was designed to meet even the highest demands of both novice and advanced riders. It's time to rank higher speed !!!!!


Overall height: 85 cm 
Total length: 73 cm 
Width: 62 cm

Full specifications:

Bars: bent 4130 CrMo (60 x 60 cm) 
Clamp: 3 screws 6061 ALU 
Brake: Flex Blitz 
Plate: 6061 ALU / 50 x 12,5 cm 
Castors: 120 mm Alloy Core / 88a 
Bearings: ABEC9 
Fork: 7003 ALU 
Compression: HIC 
Weight: 4.4 kg

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