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Triki tõukeratas Lucky Cody Flom Signature hõbedane

259,90 € (KM-ga)
Kuumakse al. 10.59€

Triki tõukeratas Lucky Jon Marco Gaydos hõbedane

Kõrgus: 86.5cm

Kaal: 3.2kg

Raam: alumiinium


World's first complete Cody Flom signature scooter

Despite having a quite large range of signature parts, this beast of a trick scooter will be the first complete in his line-up. It's made by Lucky and based off on the popular Prospect model, but of course, with a twist of Cody Flom beloved Porsche/Martini style put into it.

Technical features

  • Very light construction with a total weight of around 3.2 kg
  • Smooth and fully integrated headset, perfect for throwing your bars
  • Built with Cody's V3 signature deck, extruded from 6061 alloy
  • Built with Cody's V3 Signature wheels in a 110mm hollow core design
  • Built with Kink over-sized alloy bars in a matching Porsche/Martini livery
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